Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Social!

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 This week is just a general question of what we're thankful for, and to post some photos.
 (The photos are small, but if you click it, they will enlarge)

1. First and foremost, I'm extremely thankful that my entire family in NY was safe during Hurricane Sandy.  
I have a fairly large family, my mom is one of 8 and my dad one of 3 - and all are married with at least 2 children!
Most of them lost power, some for more than a week, and only 1 house had major flooding.
I know that many people were not as fortunate, and for that I'm grateful.

2. I am thankful for my younger sister.
Many siblings don't have close relationships, so I am glad that her and I have always been close.
We both had to grow up rather quickly, and a lot of the time I felt more like her parent than her sister.
We may fight sometimes - what family doesn't?
We may not see each other every day like we used to..
But we both know at the end of the day, we would do anything for each other!
This was when we met Lady Gaga last year!

3. I am also thankful for my boyfriend.  
It's easy to take someone for granted, especially when you see them every day.
We've been together for almost a year, and even though he drives me completely insane sometimes,
 he is genuinely a really good person.
He's very supportive of all of my decisions, such as dying my hair 3 different colors or going to nail tech school.
He is trusting and never jealous.
He tells me he loves me all day, every day.
And he would do just about anything for me if I asked.

4. YOU!!
I am so thankful for all of my friends, readers & followers.
Without your kind words, ideas and support, I would not be motivated!
Thank you so much!

What are you thankful for? :)


  1. Glad your family were all ok during the hurricane. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been.
    Like you i'm thankful for my little sister and boyfriend :) I'm also thankful that I've been able to travel and live in so many different places!
    Have a good sunday!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you travel a lot too, then I can see all of your lovely photos hehe :)

  2. Such a lovely post.
    I am so glad to see your childhood pictures. These all very cute :)Me and my twin sister noori also always fight and sometimes kick each other but I know she will always be here with me whenever I need her :)
    OMG , I want to meet gaga too!!!
    I am thankful to my father , he is my hero, I am on cloud 9 only because of him and he provides me everything I want and support me whenever I feel I am falling :)


    1. That's very sweet, your father seems like a great person!!

  3. Ahhh meeting Lady Gaga sure seems like fun! Love your Sunday Social posts heheh. :)

    Happy weekend dear lauren! :)


    1. She was sooo nice! Have a great weekend!!!

  4. 1. Your sister-pictures are darling!
    2. I envy your multi-colored hair. You really rock that look!
    3. You met Lady Gaga! *eeee*
    4. You and the boyfriend are too cute!

    1. Thank you so much doll! Gaga was super nice!

  5. I'm glad your family is ok from the Hurricane. I've managed to locate all but 1 friend/family member since the event but I hear things a still chaoic there...

    1. Yes there is still so much repairs that have to be made, it's so sad!

  6. nice blog.
    Can we follow each other?
    Kiss *

  7. visiting from Sunday Social! I'm glad that your family is safe! It looks like you have a great sister and boyfriend!

  8. Such a sweet, grateful and respectful post. I'm happy for your family and for you to appreciate values rather than things. Good luck, girl!

  9. Adorable!!! Would you like to follow each other? let me know or you can follow me and I will follow you back! xoxo

    1. Sure thing just leave me a link to your blog :)

  10. Totally digging your blog and that amazing hair! I'm a new follower, feel free to follow back if you'd like. <3

    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely follow back :)

  11. I love tht you did Sunday Social :) Could you please consider following each other? Twitter:@shineonbyandrea Facebook:

  12. I love the Lady Gaga picture.

    btw, I nominated you for the Leibster award :)

  13. Replies
    1. She was really sweet! Felt like we were friends!

  14. Hello sweetie!!
    You are being honoured for me with the Liester Award!!..follow the rules on my blog!!..if you have any questions to ask me about the rules let me know..
    Maria aka Wiccana


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