Friday, November 2, 2012

No Fashion Friday This Week :( Food Friday instead?

Due to Hurricane Sandy, Cassi @ The Granny Treatment - the other half of Fashion Fridays - still has no electricity.
Since she was not able to post this week, so I'm going to skip Fashion Friday this week!

Maybe this week will be Food Friday since I did a lot of cooking recently haha.
My boyfriend is half Filipino, and one of his favorite Filipino dishes is sinigang.
I found a few recipes online and tweaked them to the way his mom makes it!
It's a sour soup with pork and veggies.
I used taro, string beans, chinese eggplant, and water spinach and served it with sweet rice.

Since there was so much rice left over, I decided to use that to make desert called ginataang mais.
Very simple recipe, I just estimated the amounts.
I used coconut milk, sweet rice and sweet corn.
If you are a fan of rice pudding, you might like this since the texture is very similar :)


  1. You must be a really good cook. I don't think I would be able to cook that! Great blog :)Do you want to follow each other? :D Kisses

    1. Thank you! I love cooking and baking :)
      I will follow you!

  2. That is some interesting food :3 (says someone who has existed on can tuna and crackers since monday ;P)
    xo, L

    1. It's really good :) Tuna and crackers sounds like a good diet lol

  3. That bitter soup with pork and veggies looks delicious! Such a shame we can't' get pork over here in Morocco!

    1. Wow I didn't know that pork wasn't available in Morocco! You can substitute with seafood also (but I don't like seafood lol :)

  4. wooahh seems you are a really good cook!! congrats Lauren, I also very keen on cooking..especially all kinda recipes, I also try with abroad recipes as well..especilly shortbread..which I like a lot!! ...the first recipe for sure I would like to eat but as I am not very keen on rice pudding ...but I like rice in other ways;) Lol!!!
    But actually I have on kinda diet with doctor to control my I am doing very careful with sweets hahahhaha;)

    P.d: sis Lara, never tried can tuna with crackers..mmmm maybe I will try sooner or later as fast dinner;)

    1. I can give you the recipe for the soup if you'd like, it's very simple!
      Especially if you live near an asian food market :)

  5. everything looks so good, impressing.

  6. Hi Lauren! I'm a Filipina, I guess your bitter soup should be sour. That's why it's called sinigang because of the sourness. hihi. But I find it so cute to see a foreigner cooking our delicacies. Your such a sweet girlfriend. I find your blog interesting, I'll follow you now. Check out mine too!

    1. Thank you so much! I love cooking new things and my boyfriend said it came out just like his mom's :)
      I followed you back!


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