Saturday, November 17, 2012

Learning: More Acrylic Art!

Some more acrylic nail art that I experimented with yesterday at school!
(Yes, more creepy fingers but it's okay you will get used to them! haha)
 Green & black marble, various rainbows, 3D bow  - the rainbows were so much fun to do!
3D kissy lips & 3D hearts
My work station at school :)

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


  1. For the record, those fingers are CREEPY. But the nails are gorgeous:)

  2. lol sure those fingers are creepy! But your nail art is wonderful! I love the black/green and the pink bow ones!
    I wish I could do beautiful 3D nails like you! I have an acrylic set, but whenever i try to do a bow it just turns out as a giant blob!

    1. Thank you so much! I find with the bows it is better to use less monomer liquid than you typically would for an overlay :)

  3. Hahah more gorgeous nails is what I see now ... and since you mentioned it, OMG! Creepy fingers! LOL. :)

    Happy weekend Lauren! :)


  4. I wished you lived close to me to make my nails. Yours are so beautiful!

  5. wooahhh amazing post!! I would like to go to a school to learn how to paint nails!! yeppppppp!!! sureeeeeeee...


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