Thursday, November 29, 2012

Learning: Acrylic & Gel Inlays

 Here's a little update on what I've done at school.
The latest things we have learned is called "inlays" or "encapsulating".
This can be done with UV gel or acrylic.
The trick is to work with very thin layers & creating a base, color, an item to be encapsulated, and then a clear layer over the top to seal it in.
You can encapsulate almost anything: glitter, confetti, lace, googly eyes, candy wrappers, feathers, etc.!
Here are some encapsulations or inlays I've done on classmates.

 This encapsulated glitter was done with UV gel and a brush. 
UV gel is a bit different than gel polish, it's VERY sticky and can be a lot messier!
 Here are some acrylic inlays, done on the end of a French tip and some fades as well.
4 different glitters, acrylic polka dots, heart & star confetti and marblized acrylic!
Here's another view of the acrylic.. and some palm trees in the back haha (so difficult to get a good photo of these nails!)


  1. The fades are really cool. Um, yes, I want googly eye nails. haha

  2. They look cute!!
    Could you do the caviar nails with these and just do a layer over the top?
    Great post!
    Love G xx

    1. Good question! I believe if they are higher quality caviar beads, yes you absolutely could do encapsulated caviar :)
      I know some of the cheaper glitters and caviars bleed color when they are covered by clear polish so they would probably do the same in acrylic monomer liquid!

  3. Looks great. I have never had acrylic or gel nails.
    x, Lara

    1. I always have acrylic layered over my real nails because my natural nails are so weak and they always break!! -_-

  4. Nice blog dear! I'm so impressed.
    I become your new follower, would be grateful if you could follow me back. :)))


  5. I'm really learning a lot of nail stuff from your posts dear Lauren! Love it! :)
    Now I must check out those UV nail stuff too. :)

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    1. UV gel is really nice and it looks a little bit more natural than acrylic :)

  6. I love the pink and purple French tips! I must try this at home. Does it work as well with acrylic?
    Thanks for sharing!
    And thanks for the birthday wishes :)
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Bel! The pink and purple is actually made out of acrylic and built into the nail, I didn't use any polish! :)


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