Saturday, September 29, 2012

Swatch, Review & a Little Halloween Fun: "Day Glow" by Serum No. 5

One magical day, I stumbled upon another blogger's review of "Day Glow" by Serum No. 5.
I was instantly obsessed, and decided I had to have it.
It is so much more vibrant and better than any other glow polish!  It even glows in partial darkness!
You can check out the Glow in the Dark Skeleton nails for comparison with another glow polish.

I had a feeling that "Day Glow" would be in high demand and I was right.
By the time I checked Etsy, the full size bottles were sold out so, naturally, I ordered 2 minis.
By the time my order was completed, "Day Glow" had been completely out of stock!!

Here is my little mini, in all of it's glory.
3 coats of "Day Glow", over 1 coat of Essie "Fiji" - it's recommended to use a white (or almost white, in this case) base color to make the "Day Glow" a little more opaque.
In full darkness. 
 Added some fun Halloween designs :)
In partial darkness.
For comparison, this skeleton was done with China Glaze "Ghoulish Glow", shown in partial darkness.
You couldn't even see it on my camera in full darkness because the glow wasn't strong enough.
"Day Glow" is far superior.

Let me just say I am absolutely in love with Serum No. 5 "Day Glow".  
Application was a dream, it's not streaky or lumpy like other glow polishes. 
The price is reasonable - $6 for a mini and $12 for full size, and they were shipped very promptly.
Keep an eye on Serum No. 5's Etsy store for updates on restock!

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