Saturday, September 15, 2012

My First Custom Press-on Nail Sets!

So here are my first 3 sets of custom press-on nails!!
Pretty much did whatever came to mind.
This was my favorite set!! 
Mixed hand painted designs & 3D acrylic bows.. it's actually challenging to come up with 12 different designs using only 4 colors.
Simple zig zag tape mani done using my new China Glaze polishes :)
This one was hard to photograph.  If you click on picture you can see it a bit better.
Sponge gradient "ombre" and multicolor glitter topcoat, reminds me of a sunset.

So what's the verdict... Would you be able to look past the stigma of press-on nails and wear one of my custom nail sets?

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  1. Pretty! Where do you buy the templates from? :)


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