Monday, September 17, 2012

Halloween Themed Nails: Glow in the Dark Skeleton

Halloween is my favorite holiday so just be warned: there will be more than one Halloween themed nail post :D
Here is a fun glow in the dark skeleton!
Really hard to get a pic of it - not only impossible to line up my fingers like that but also impossible to photograph in the dark.

Basically, I did glow in the dark polish as a base and painted the outline of the skeleton in black and then filled in the background solid black :)

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  1. wooahh awesome!! love your blog!! I am huge fan of Halloween since I was a kid!! and nails art are also my passion too!!...this ones totally rocks!! where I could find this glow in the dark nail polish in Spain?? or is there any chance to order in other European countries?? soooo curious ..cause I have my own collection of nail polish and I really want this one too!! Keep on doing the great job blogging...

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