Friday, September 21, 2012

Review & Swatch: Handmade Custom Etsy Polish

This is a review & swatch of my very first handmade custom polish purchase!
I found it on Etsy, at the GlimmerByErica store.  
From her super cute, 80s cartoon inspired Rainbow Brite collection, this polish is named "Starlite Shine" which was Rainbow Brite's beautiful rainbow-haired white pony!
It was described by the seller as a "white jelly base with all seven colors of the rainbow and an added rainbow holo sparkle"
I decided I had to have it.

The first thing my boyfriend said when he saw this polish was "Whoa, it looks like cupcakes" and my friend said it looked like Funfetti frosting, which was very accurate and definitely inspired me.
This is 2 fairly thick coats, and it's fairly opaque.
Later on I added a top coat & it actually brought out the colors and holo glitter even more.
(I only did 1 nail because I didn't want to waste it!)

The white jelly base gives it a unique milky/creamy quality, and the glitter makes it slightly textured.  These qualities make this the most perfect polish for...
(It would also be great for ice cream nails too :D)

I really enjoy this polish.
I'm very happy with my purchase and I know I will be using it a lot in the future.

If you'd like a tutorial for the Cupcake nails, leave a comment!

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