Friday, September 14, 2012

Haul, Review, Swatch & The Return of Press-On's!

Just a small haul of nail products:
A couple of recent purchases I've made and wanted to share with you :)
From left to right they are: Ulta brand turquoise sparkle in a clear base,  Two of the China Glaze colors from the "Capitol Colors" collection which was based on The Hunger Games.  Each color represented a different district.  They were also on clearance, so why not?  The polish on the right is a color that I purchased years ago and absolutely loved, so I repurchased.  
And last but not least, those things at the bottom are... blank PRESS-ON NAILS! 
But don't worry, these aren't your typical 1980's lame press-on's.  I've purchased blank ones because I'm going to be hand painting them and I plan on selling them on Etsy :)

A brief review of these polishes:
(From left to right)
-Ulta "Love Fern" - Clear base with small turquoise glitter and slightly larger turquoise sparkles.  One thick coat, barely any sparkles showed up.  I'm actually disappointed with this polish & will be returning it.
-China Glaze "Stone Cold" - Represents the masonry of District 2.  It's a gunmetal gray sparkle, but actually dries matte.  It reminds me a lot of a slate or graphite.  I don't usually like matte colors, but this is beautiful.  If you want to add a top coat, it looks a bit darker and the sparkles really stand out.  One coat is all that's necessary with this color.
-China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise" - Had to use 2 coats of this, otherwise it's a bit patchy.  Beautiful turquoise color but it dries very matte & flat.  Once you add top coat it's quite brilliant and sparkly!
-China Glaze "Smoke and Ashes"- Photos just don't do this color any justice..  it's a beautiful glossy black with speckles of a dark bluish green.  Represents the coal mining of District 12.  Only needed one coat.

Press-on's have made a major comeback!  I prefer to call them "prefabricated" because it sounds fancy, but let's face it.. they're press-on's.  
Many people like them because they're quick and easy, especially for those who are.. nail polish challenged, and they won't damage your natural nails!  You can use adhesive tabs (which never  worked for me) or you can use nail glue.  If you are careful when you remove them, you can even re-use the same pair.  
I plan on painting a set tonight and will post some photos tomorrow :) 

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