Monday, January 21, 2013

Tutorial: Leopard Print

This week's tutorial is easy & simple Leopard Print nails!

How To Choose Colors For This Design:
You can use any colors you'd like!  I chose 2 bright contrasting colors and then a black for the outside borders of the spots.

Suggested Materials:
ANY brand is fine, listed below are the ones used for this particular mani
- Base coat - Seche Clear
- Fast dry top coat - Seche Vite
- China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise"
- Sinful Colors "Fusion Neon" (pink)
- Spoiled "Visually Slimming" (black)
- Nail dotting tool, such as the ones pictured above.  (image via)
- A clean, small paintbrush or cotton swabs, for cleaning the cuticles afterwards (optional)
- Nail polish remover (optional)

Before You Begin Painting Your Design:
These steps are optional, but definitely recommended!
- Put down some paper towels in your work area, in case of any spills.
- Be sure to remove any old nail polish.
- Gently file nails into desired shape and remove any ridges with a buffer.
- Push back cuticles with a cuticle pusher or orange wood stick and trim if desired.
- Apply a base coat to protect from potential staining from color polish; wait for it to dry completely.

 **- If you have never worked with a dotting tool before, you might want to practice by putting some drops of polish on a piece of wax paper, and do a few test dots on the paper before moving on to your nails!!**
Step 1:
Apply 2 coats of base color & allow to dry 

 Step 2:
Using the largest nail dotting tool you have, create large spots on your nail with the second color.
You can do the entire nail or just part of the nail, that is up to you!

Step 3:
Using the smallest dotting tool you have, use the black polish to create borders around the color spots.
The best way to do this is to do a bunch of small overlapping dots right next to each other, forming a curved line down each side of the large spot.

Step 4:
Using the small dotting tool still, fill in any blank areas with tiny black dots.
This works best if you do almost a triangle of small overlapping dots.

Step 5:
If necessary, carefully clean up cuticles using polish remover & a small paint brush or cotton swabs.
Top it all off with your favorite top coat!

Here's the final product!
I simply alternated the base color and spot colors :)


  1. Crazyyy!!! You are insanely awesome at making nail art!!!! *JELLYCAKES* ><
    x, Lara

    1. Thanks girl I hope you will try this design!

  2. OMG! This has to be one of my favorite designs! So magnificent, Lauren! Is there a favorite button here? Perfect! The color is just so amazing! :)

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    Outfit Post: BAdA$$ Rocker Chic
    Chic, Rockstar, Edgy Party Look!

    ❤ ~Chai

  3. It's super duper cute nail art!

    BTW, I came here from followmeemee. :)

  4. Hello! I am following your blog now! Love the nail designs! :)

    Do follow me back at!


  5. I just dont ever have the patience to do anything like that...but looks really effective!!
    New follower xx

  6. Wow what an awesome mani, got to try it!

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  8. This hurts my eyes to look at... I LOVE IT! I've only ever done subtle leopard nails because I'm not sure if they would appreciate anything bold at the office, so I'm proper jealous!


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