Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fashion Inspired: "Neon & Nude"

 I typically hate nude colors on myself but..
I was inspired by a recent post by my BFF Cassi over at the fashion blog The Granny Treatment!

She was discussing the fashion trend of mixing nudes and neons, and it just so happens to be a fabulous combination!

She also mentioned that if you don't want to dedicate your entire outfit to this trend, it could me really cute as a mani!

Well here is what I came up with.
Colors used:
Nude - "Sand Tropez" by Essie
Purple - "Dream On" by Sinful Colors
Yellow - "Yell-Oh!" by Color Club 
Blue - "Aquamarine" by Sinful Colors
Pink - "Fusion Neon" by Sinful Colors
Orange - "Orange Knockout (Neon)" by China Glaze

Tried to do it as a tape mani but it was not cooperating so I ended up hand painting the chevron -_-

I absolutely LOVE this color combo!
 It's totally perfect to get into the mood of springtime :)

Would you rock nude & neons?


  1. Okay- I totally love nudes and neons, but as a pasty-white person, I have to be careful. I want to find a good pair of nude pumps but I think that'd be the only place I'd feel comfortable wearing nudes. Otherwise, I'd look like I actually am nude, which I'm not okay with. ;o)Cute mani!

    1. Thanks girly! I am pasty as well and nudes are NOT flattering on me at all lol I think I would only rock a nude paired with a neon!

  2. Wow! Good take on nudes & neon combination dear! I could only think of puting neons on tips ... and seeing this gives me more ideas! Cute nails my dear!

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    1. Thank you so much :) I was thinking of doing the tips too!

  3. Oh wow! I like it. That nude really is a "sand" color.


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