Thursday, December 20, 2012

This week so far! UV Gel & Acrylics.

 Here's what I did in school this week!

We had a representative from professional nail product company Young Nails come to the school and do a demonstration, and I got to be the model!
She gave me a bunch of different Holiday themed nails :)

 Here's a simple holiday mani I did on a class mate.
It's UV gel as a base with Shellac gel polish on top, and on the accent nails I added some encapsulated glitter and hand painted candy cane stripes!

Here is a full set of tips, each nail is a completely different design!  There are various inlays of acrylic including marbles, mylar flakes, glitters and confettis :) 
The shiny stuff on her cuticles is actually just cuticle oil, I always use cuticle oil to help replenish any moisture that might have been lost during the nail service!
Another view!

 This is a sculpted set of stiletto nails.  There were no nail tips used, instead I sculpted the acrylic on a form into the shape that she wanted!  
On the accent nails there are 3D acrylic black roses and hand painted black chevron tips over OPI's "Pink Friday" polish.
Chevron is a style of a French tip, in the shape of a V rather than the classic U shape, and I suggested it to her because I thought it would look very sexy on a stiletto shaped nail!
We also did a variation of "Louboutin" nails, but instead of red bottoms, we went with black bottoms to match the pink & black theme!
I really love these nails!


  1. I really like the stiletto nails. I don't like the types of nails the look really wide at the tips.

    1. Me too! Unfortunately many people like the wide nails I'm not really a fan either

  2. Cool holiday Louboutin nails! :)

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  3. 1st. LOL.
    I was like wth, Laurie is writing in Finnish!? But I had accidentally switched on the Google translator XDXDXD!!!
    I love the 1st ones, psychedelic :D! But the pink/black ones are the coolest :3
    xxx, Lara

    1. LOL I wish I knew more languages! :)
      The pink ones are my favorite that Ive done so far, thanks Lara!

  4. Oh my , the second one you did with acrylic that has marbles & mylar flakes+glitter is so AWESOME :D
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Thank you! It was a challenge to do 10 different designs hehe

  5. So festive!
    Love the 2md ones!
    Love g xx


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