Monday, December 17, 2012

More Adventures in 3D Acrylic Art

Hello my dear friends :)
I have FINALLY gotten a replacement phone (P.S.  Sprint SUCKS)
So I have uploaded some photos from the last week or 2 that I've been wanting to share with you!

Here is my first full set of sculpts and my first attempts at doing 3D acrylic rose nail art!
A sculpted nail is different than tips because there aren't any tips on these!
We use a weird looking thing called a form, it's almost like a very rigid sticker, wrap that around the finger and just mold the acrylic from the short natural nail out onto the form :)
I also tried a little something I had seen on Instagram a long time ago - "Red Bottoms" or "Louboutin" nails, you paint the underside of the nails red.  It's very sexy and it really does remind you of Christian Louboutin's sexy red-soled shoes!
And here is my second attempt at 3D acrylic cupcakes.  
I think they came out a little better than the first ones, practice makes perfect!

Have a great Monday :D


  1. Lovely! I am a cup cake lover in real! I luvvv it!

    Aree With Umbrella

  2. The acrylic roses are beautiful! And the cupcakes are really cute! I love seeing all your new designs! You're very talented!
    Take care

  3. Love the cupcake ones :D :D So cute :3
    x, Lara

  4. hi pretty!!! great post!!! ;)
    can you help us with your vote?


  5. Cool to have your phone fixed! :)
    Love your cute nails dear! Pretty colors and amazing design!

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  6. Those roses look amazing!
    Great post!
    Lots of love from London.
    Love G xx


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