Sunday, December 9, 2012

Haul, Review & Gradient Swatch: "Love, Charlotte" Polish

A few days ago I got these really awesome nail polishes at a store called Charlotte Russe.
It was very unexpected because Charlotte Russe is known for reasonably priced trendy clothing & shoes.  
I don't shop there, but my friends wanted to see what they had.
I'm glad we stopped in there because I never knew they had their own brand of polish called "Love, Charlotte"!

I was a little hesitant at first, because I figured they would have a really bad formula, but I tested all of them in the store and the application was great and not streaky at all.

The colors don't have names on the bottle but I got a light pink which was "Pastel POP" brand, hot pink, purple, fine silver hologram glitter, large silver holo glitter & a large mixed light & dark purple and silver holo from the "Love, Charlotte" brand.
I decided to do a sponge gradient (click here for a mini-tutorial on sponge gradients)
I used the light pink, dark pink & purple and topped it off with the fine silver holo glitter!
 The sun finally came back out so I got a shot in the sunlight too!

If you live near a Charlotte Russe store, I would totally recommend stopping in to check it out!
They do have some polishes on their website, but there was definitely a better color selection in-store.
They were also on sale in the store but not online!
They were 2 for $3 and I also got an extra 10% off my purchase for giving them my email address, so I got all 6 polishes for around $18. 

Have a wonderful Sunday :)


  1. wow, looks amazing!!!Thanks for sharing such a nice post!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. The gradient and the sparkles are oh so lovely Lauren dear! :)
    I love this! I'll try this on our party! Thanks for sharing dear!
    Happy weekend!

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    1. Thanks Chai I hope you do try it I would love to see!

  3. I live really close to a charlotte russe. I always forget that they have nailpolish. Ive never tried any of them, but thats a great deal! Those would be great for stocking stuffers.

    1. They are really excellent polishes, I was so shocked!

  4. The colors are really lovely!
    x, Lara

  5. These nail polishes are all awesome :) I heart the pink and silver glitter ones :) These nails are gorg <3
    Noor's Place

  6. Aw your nails look amazing! I have never tried sponge gradient before.. is it hard? I'll have to watch the tutorial!

    Fashion Burger

    1. Thank you! The gradient is always a bit of a challenge for me but it is worth the effort because it's unique looking!

  7. Those nails look amazing!
    Im so impressed you can do that!
    And even with the left hand haa!
    I lurveeee the glitter, my friends call me a magpie as I cannot get enough haa.
    Great post!
    Love G xx

    1. Thank you! I must be a magpie too because I am a glitter addict hehee :)


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