Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Social

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This week is all about Halloween!  YAY!

1.  What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
I think I was 7 years old.  I can vividly remember my mom's friend making me a Cleopatra costume out of felt and sequins and I think it had some sort of headpiece.
I don't think anyone really knew what I was supposed to be which is understandable because honestly... how many 7 year olds even know who Cleopatra is?  But I thought it was totally awesome!

2.  If you could go back and dress up as anything what would it be?
Two or three years ago I bought a bunch of stuff to make a Jem costume because I absolutely loved that show as a kid, and I have pink hair so that was a no brainer!  
I never got around to sewing it, but I really wish I did!

3.   Favorite costume as an adult?
 Definitely would have to be my dead Marie Antoinette costume from 2 years ago!!
She was executed by guillotine so of course I tried to make it look like my head was cut off :)
 Me, my sister on the left, and another Marie Antoinette we met at a bar!

4.  Favorite Halloween candy?
I always hated candy corn as a kid but now it's grown on me and I find it to be oddly addictive.

5.  Favorite Halloween memory?
I don't really have just 1 favorite memory.  
Halloween is my favorite holiday and I've partied almost every year with my sister & our friends. 

6.  What's your favorite scary movie?
I would have to say The Blair Witch Project because it was the first movie where the audience wasn't sure if it was real or not, but all of the trailers suggested it was real footage.  
It was filmed from a first person point of view, which made it seem even more authentic.
We were pretty young when it came out so of course it genuinely scared the crap out of us ...until we found out it was fake!


  1. hello! following from social sunday!

    great costume! this is the first year in 4 that i'm not dressing up. :(

    1. Thank you, I followed you as well!
      I'm very sad because I'm not dressing up this year either :'( Wah!

  2. omg love the marie antoinette costume!!!! that really is awesome- the makeup is great!!!

    Helene in Between
    100 Follower giveaway!

  3. Haaa, that's such an amazing costume! Are you a clever cookie who makes them herself? Having bought it doesn't make that awesomeness any less awesome, though. ;)

    I wish I lived in America sometimes. I never celebrated Halloween as a child. :(


    1. Thank you doll!

      Halloween is actually one of the only fond memories I have as a child. You should come to the US (especially NYC) during Halloween one year, you'd love it!!

      I bought the costume & wig, but I customized everything myself. I had to rip the entire costume apart because I couldn't fit my boobs into it LOL. So I bought matching material and re-sewed the whole freakin thing.. thank god for sewing machines! The wig came with the flowers already so I added a cameo and added the gold birdy nesting on my head :)

  4. Hi coming from the Blog hop .. Blair witch was pretty scary .. its the camera I am sure ! I love the marie antoinette costume.

    1. Hi Nina thank you so much! Have a great Sunday!

  5. que disfraces tan chulos! feliz domingo!

    New outfit post!

    1. Muchas gracias :) Feliz Domingo a tu tambien!

  6. I was so pissed when I found out that movie was fake! Then they came out with the Blair Witch 2..which was just stupid.

  7. Wow what Marie Antoinettes :D
    x, Lara


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