Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Florida Livin'

FINALLY found & unpacked my nail stuff, so I can start polishing again! Yay!

Today, I decided share some pictures from my new life in Fort Myers, Florida :)

On the drive down, we spent the night at South of the Border, South Carolina.  It's a quirky little town established just south of the Carolina border in 1949.  It's got a cool vintage vibe and there's lots of fun stuff to see & do.
Cracker Barrel in Savannah, Georgia.  I loooove this place and I wanted to stop here because I wasn't sure if we had one in Ft. Myers (and we do!!!)
 A double rainbow near the beach in Ft. Myers
 Sanibel Island, a small island near Ft. Myers.  It is famous for its huge variety of seashells that wash up on the beaches.
 The clouds here are unreal.  They look so close, you feel like you could reach up and touch them!
 Pretty pink hibiscus in my friend's garden.
Took my new cruiser for a ride through the park :)

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  1. Pretty pictures. And I remember being excited visiting South Of The Border as a child, forty years ago. Glad to hear it's still there.


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